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We recently switched providers from to RunSignup. Most athlete info was transferred over, some was not. Additionally, because we want support teams directly linked to each athlete's registration we have added the support team registration questions to each athlete's individual registration. This support info was not transferred over and will need to be filled in by every athlete.

Overall, athletes must claim their registration, update any missing and/or changed info, add their support team info, and digitally sign/agree to all waivers. We apologize for any added steps and inconvenience this may cause but it's essential we switch to this new system as it is much more intuitive for us, and for you. Please read and follow the steps below. Keep in mind you can log back into your registration at any time and change info and order new add-ons.

The cutoff date when you will no longer be able to change or add anything concerning your registration will be May 1, 2017.

Follow these steps to claim and edit your registration:

  • FIRSTClick Here to search for your name.
  • NEXT - Click "is this you?" to the right of your name.
  • NEXT - Click "Claim."
  • NEXT - It will then either ask you to sign-in or send you an email. Follow the instructions.
  • NEXT - You will have to choose Option 1 (most choose this) - Register Account, Option 2 - Merge With Account, Option 3 - Add as Secondary User of Existing Account.
  • NEXT - Find and select, "My Registered Races."
  • NEXT - Select "Alaskaman."
  • LAST - Click through all the tabs on the left side of your registration and fill in any of the missing info or info you need updated. Specifically, sign the waivers, fill in your support crew info, change any info you need changed and order anything you need to order still. Keep in mind the Add-Ons are things like meals, hats, visors, mugs and the Giveaway is the Finisher's Shirt which is where you can change shirt size if needed.

PLEASE NOTE - The steps above may not all be there. Accounts vary and you may find that you don't have to go through all those steps to get to, and edit, your registration. The steps above are the most anyone will have to go through. You can always go in at any time and update and add to your registration before May 1, 2017.



Remaining Online Monthly Meeting Schedule:

  • Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 7pm - Safety, Tourism, & Final Q&A

We will hold a monthly Q&A Session for all registered athletes and their support. Anyone may logon to the video chat (instructions on how to get on will be posted) and listen and ask questions. We want everyone to put faces with names as well as know all the ins and outs of this event. The more people know the more comfortable and successful they will be on event day.

How to join US LIVE.


Phone/Tablet APP AUDIO & VIDEO - Launch the app and enter meeting code: alaskamanxtri

Phone AUDIO ONLY:  Dial a PHONE # (listed below) and enter ACCESS CODE (924-971-488#, or connect via internet.

  • United States - Atlanta, GA +1.404.801.3225
  • United States - Camden, DE +1.302.202.5900
  • United States - Detroit, MI +1.734.746.0035
  • United States - Hartford, CT +1.860.970.0010
  • United States - Los Angeles, CA +
  • United States - New York, NY +1.646.307.1990
  • United States - San Francisco, CA +1.415.655.0381
  • United States - Tampa, FL +1.813.769.0500
  • United States - Washington, DC +1.202.602.1295

Can't make our monthly ONLINE VIDEO MEETING? 

Check it out via our recordings below. We were not able to record meeting #1 (just introduction and Q&A). Click to download and watch.


We archive our emails because we realize they may end up in your spam/junk from time to time or you might just miss them amongst all the craziness.


The products and links below will hopefully provide each of you with useful tools to help you have a safer, more organized, more successful, and more enjoyable event.

EVENT DISCOUNT - Those that are registered as a participant or support crew for the event may sign-in to their registration and purchase a Varia taillight or Varia twilight/head-unit combo pack at a substantial discount. Once you add the product to your registration you will be prompted to pay for it. The deadline to order this product through your registration is Dec 31, 2016. We will be downloading all orders and mass ordering them on 1/2/2017. We expect to have them a week later and send them all out within the second week. So we are guessing you should have them sometime in January, no later. This deal is only for event participants and their support team.

Varia™ Rearview Radar

Alerts You to Vehicles Approaching from Behind

  • World's first cycling radar that warns of vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters)

  • Works independently and wirelessly integrates with compatible Edge® cycling computers¹

  • Edge computer or Varia head unit can detect multiple vehicles and indicates the relative speed of approach and threat level

  • Tail light unit brightens and flashes to notify approaching traffic of a cyclist ahead


REGISTERED PARTICIPANTS GET A SUBSTANTIAL DISCOUNT ON ALL HUUB PRODUCTS. Please email us for this code or read any of the sponsor emails we have sent you. You must order from and use the code on the US site only. 

Remember that a full body wetsuit is required to compete. We HIGHLY recommend at neoprene cap and booties. Additionally if the water temp is 54-degrees or lower we will permit the usage of non-webbed gloves as well.



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