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This is a list of our lucky 300 that were randomly chosen to participate in the 2018 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. An acceptance email was sent to them on July 15, 2017. They have until July 29, 2017 to claim and pay for their entry. Those that fail to make the deadline forfeit their entry and it is awarded to the next person on the waitlist. Entry is $500 USD plus processing ($35), USAT fees (Free or $15-$50 depending on membership status), and any optional insurance the registrant may wish to purchase (around $30 to protect your registration). All travel and lodging fees are extra and the responsibility of the athlete and their support crew.


The form below is how you signup for our waitlist. There is no confirmation email, if you click the submit button and the form on this page is replaced with a confirmation message, your name has been added to the list successfully. Right now we are still offering unclaimed spots (as the become available) to the waitlist on a first come first serve basis. Once we are sure the race is full and all slots are claimed we will email everyone on the waitlist that has not received a slot and let them know. We expect for the process to be finalized and our start list to be complete by the end of the first week in December. Please be patient. Thank you.

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We have 10 slots we allocate to Alaskaman based on merit, given by the race director. If you would like to apply for 1 of the 10 slots please fill out the form below. We will review your information and get back to you, either way, shortly after. Please be aware that Race Director Slots are still full price. We offer them as a last chance way for those that didn't get into the event via the lottery or waitlist, to still have a shot at racing in July. There is no confirmation email, if you click the submit button and the form on this page is replaced with a confirmation message, your form has been submitted and received.

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If you are a pro/elite licensed triathlete you may submit your application to race Alaskaman below. Once we review your application, if you are accepted, we will email you a link to register for 50% off normal registration rates ($250). We will also request, at that time, you send us a copy (front and back) of your professional license issued by your country's triathlon governing body. We have 5 male and 5 female spots available for our pro field. There is no confirmation email, if you click the submit button and the form on this page is replaced with a confirmation message, your form has been submitted and received.

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GENERAL ENTRIES - $500 (300 Spots)

PROFESSIONAL ENTRIES - $250 (10 Spots) - Must have a valid Pro/Elite License issued by your country's governing body.

DIRECTOR'S CHOICE ENTRIES - $0-$500 (10 Spots) Price of the director's choice entries depends on who it's going to and for what purpose. If these are not filled prior to sellout they will be available to sponsors and those who apply for them and are accepted. 


None of these items will be mailed or given out before or after the packet pickup times listed on the schedule of events page. You must pick up your own packet and you must be present to claim your packet. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Unclaimed packets will either be discarded or reused next year (if possible).

  • (1) Event Entry

  • (1) Silicone Swim Cap - logo and number printed on each side. Bright orange for visibility. Neoprene caps are encouraged for warmth but the bright orange event silicone cap must be worn over it (outside) at all times.

  • (1) TriTats Swim Cap Sticker - This sticker is to be worn on the front of the swim cap at all times during the swim.

  • (1) Temporary Set of TriTats Body Marking Tattoos - Upper arms or forearms on skin

  • (3) TriTats Bike Helmet Numbers - Front and both sides

  • (1) TriTats Bike Frame Sticker - Wrap around seat post

  • (2) TriTats Bike/Run Bib Numbers - All athletes must wear their bib number reversed on the ride and to the front on the run. You can use the same one for both or use one for the ride and the other (identical one) for the run.

  • (1) Phone Communication & Tracking - All athletes must have their cell phone on them and charged at all times. All athletes must download the Race Joy app and have it enabled/on at the start of the bike so we can track them along the way. If your phone is known to die over the length of time you estimate it will take you to finish the event, we suggest carrying a small external battery cell and charging cord (mandatory on last 7 miles).

  • (1) Wristband - It will be how we verify athletes in transition and along the way on event day. Please also wear this to Sunday brunch if you’re attending in order to claim your finisher’s items. Those wishing to eat the provided brunch must purchase tickets. The wristband does not constitute an event day dinner or day after brunch meal, both must be separately purchased.


• (1) Finisher's Shirts (Orange and White) - We are in the process of designing the finishers shirt for 2018. What you see below is from 2017. We will again have orange shirts but in 2018 we will have white shirts as well. In sticking with the format of all XTri World Tour events (Norseman, Celtman, Swissman, etc.) we will be awarding orange shirts to the first designated amount of athletes that make the mountain cutoff and take the high route. Those that do not make that cutoff will be given a different route and awarded a white finisher's shirt. PLEASE NOTE that the cutoffs you see on this website and in the guide are not for orange vs white shirt finishes. Those cutoffs are for being able to proceed all together. If you do not meet those cutoff times you will not be allowed to proceed and finish. The finisher shirt cutoff times and numbers will be posted in the coming months and added to the list of overall cutoffs.

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The following awards will be given to the overall male and female winners.
There are no age group awards.

  • 1st Place Overall Male/Female - Award
  • 2nd Place Overall Male/Female Winner(s) - Award
  • 3rd Place Overall Male/Female Winner(s) - Award
  • 1st Place Overall Male/Female Masters Winner(s) - Award


Please read our Rules, and our Cutoff Times for the course(s).


There are no refunds, transfers or deferrals of any kind for any reason. HOWEVER, our registration provider does offer an option for each registrant to purchase registration insurance through their 3rd party provider, Allianz. This add-on costs an extra $30-35 during registration but offers each participant the option of getting a full refund, for a number of reasons. A number of restrictions apply.  CLICK HERE to review every reason covered their insurance policy. Claims are filed through the third-party provider (Allianz) and have no affiliation with Alaskaman. No transfers or deferrals of any kind are permitted. Weather and forest fires would be the main reasons a cancelation could possibly occur. VERY IMPORTANT - BE AWARE - Although rare and not something we are obviously planning on, we urge EVERYONE to get the additional insurance to cover their registration AND trip insurance (most online booking companies offer this) incase an act of nature leads to cancelation of the event. Better safe than sorry.