We hire a number of professional event photogs to capture the day. Below is a bit about each along with a link to their event gallery.


Always in search of the magic moment....

scott flathouse

Scott Flathouse has been photographing for OnUrMark events for over five years. Having competed in triathlons and other endurance events himself, he appreciates the time and effort involved in preparing for the competition. He strives to produce images as epic as the event itself.

bill klemm

Photographer Bill Klemm enjoys capturing intimate images of athletes, performing artists, and talented people plying their crafts. Bill currently resides in the Houston area but is plotting his next escape to more scenic vistas.

Kenny Lim

Houston based photographer striving to visualize and capture life differently. Determined to be a "fly on the wall" to be a part of the moment while capturing it.

andy romang

Andy Romang loves photographing people taking a bite out of life. Athletes in motion. Capturing the energy of people living in the moment. He also enjoys photographing the wildlife he sees while out enjoying Alaska.