2018 Lottery Opens this October (2017)

Our lottery for 2018 registration opens this October (2017) or possibly sooner. We will release the timeline for lottery registration and selection date soon. Please frequent our FB page and website for more info being updated weekly. Also signup for our newsletter to stay informed. Signup for the lottery will be available via our website and winners will be automatically selected and billed then notified via email. Stay tuned.

MORE INFO - Due to the success of this year's event, an overwhelming demand on future entries, and in keeping with the spirit of the X-Tri World Tour Series, Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon will enlist a lottery draw in 2018. 

Applications for the lottery will open some time in October and remain open for at least 1-2 weeks. Once the lottery closes we will randomly draw the lucky winners from a total pool of 300 available slots to the event. Those that are randomly chosen will be automatically charged (base and CC info entered during lottery application), notified, and sent a link to complete and confirm their registration.

All Alaskan Residents, past finishers, support crew, and volunteers (from the previous year) will be put in a separate pool for a special draw from the first 100 slots we will award. Those that do not get into the event during this pull will be re entered automatically into the general draw of the remaining 200 slots. This gives Alaskan Residents and those that helped make the previous year's event a success 2 chances to get into the race.

Also, those applicants that are not chosen for the 2018 event will be awarded an extra draw each year giving them better odds each year they are not chosen.*

We will post the registration link for the lottery in October (or sooner possibly) when lottery registration opens. Please check back regularly for more/updated information. Thanks!

*If you do not register each year consecutively you forfeit all extra draws you may have accumulated.