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We hold a series of monthly informational sessions in the form of LIVE online video conferences through Everyone is welcome to login and be part of this monthly experience. Educated and engaged athletes are happy and successful athletes. The more everyone knows the better race they will have.

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Dec 14 - Intro Meeting

Our apologies but this didn't record. We have fixed the issue. The rest will record. Here's a brief overview of what was covered.

So had some trouble recording the meeting. I think it was struggling a bit with the amount of people on the meeting, close to 90 at one point. THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT TURNOUT. Sorry about the recording not working for those of you that couldn't make it but he's a brief overview of what we covered.

Be sure to have a support team of at least one. Make sure they are capable and willing to do whatever, whenever, however, all day long from when you wake up until when you go to sleep. They need to know the courses and rules better than you. At the end you need to say you couldn't have completed it without all their help they gave you. Read all support and race rules.

Book your accommodations for before and after the event. I would say at least fly in early Thursday and don't leave until Sunday evening. Most stay a lot longer. Seward Thursday and Friday night most likely and Alyeska Resort on Sat. That's not mandatory but I will say there's nothing better than finishing and being at your hotel. Worth the extra money. They have a triathlon rate setup if you call and request it. July is heavy tourism in AK. Call and book your rooms and your car ASAP.

Flights from anywhere else in the US can get as high as $800-$900 and as low $400-$500. Just keep an eye out. The less stops the better. They are more expensive if you're coming in from another country $1,000-$1,300 is typical.

Bike transport can be done 3 ways. 1) Cycle Chauffeur may return for this year. Kevin Russell and I need to confirm whether or not this year's group of athletes live in areas that he can plan a route around that makes sense. We should be able to figure this out by mid Jan I would think. 2) you can fly with your bike if you have a case and know how to pack and unpack it 3) you can ship your bike. Take it to your local shop and have it shipped to Chain Reaction Cycles - Alaska and they can assemble and get it ready for you in Anchorage. If you can use Kevin Russell I HIGHLY recommend it. For the price it is SO convenient and you'll be glad you did. Great service. We will keep you updated.

There is wildlife. This is Alaska. Our course has had Orca, Humpback, Sea Lions, Otters, and Seals. Last year the only thing on the course during the swim were curious otters. The bike could have wildlife too but it is more rare. The run will likely have a handful of bear and moose sitings. Alaskaman are pretty relaxed about it, non Alaskans get freaked out about it. Bear spray on the run is required for everyone even support. Know what it is and how it works and how to use it. Read our wildlife section of our site. Be educated. Know it's a possibility and how to handle it if something comes up. It's not particularly common but last year there were sitings and some of them did delay the progress of runners and some didn't make cutoffs because of it. It's possible, it's part of it, it's life.

Know the rules, cutoffs, and course maps. All strictly enforced. Be a problem solver, be tough, be able to roll with the punches planning for the worst and hoping for the best. If it can go wrong, odds are it will. No one has a perfect day. Take a look around every so often and remind yourself where you are and what you are doing. It's truly amazing to have this opportunity and it's a once in a life time adventure.

I am blunt, I do not sugar coat anything. My job is to help prepare you mentally and strategically for this event so you have the tools you need. I'm a realist and I'm going to tell you how it is. Better to be over prepared than under.

So much more to come. Ask questions if you have them but please read the site and guide prior so you're not asking things that we have answered. We are here to help you reach your goal. You will be ready in 7 months so get excited!


We believe that the products listed will aid our athletes in having an even more safe, enjoyable, and successful event. If you have any questions please contact us.

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