Cycle Chauffeur Interest Form - USA, CA, & MX ONLY

The form below is only meant to gauge interest in the potential transportation of bikes from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to the 2017 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. Being a first year event we need to understand the scope of interest with our registrants before Cycle Chauffeur can commit to routes that will service certain areas. No matter where you're located, if you're interested, please fill out your information below and submit the form. After 1-2 weeks Cycle Chauffeur will use this information to plan their route(s) and let everyone that falls within the chosen areas know that they can use the service, and provide a reservation link at that time.

PLEASE NOTE - Filling out this form DOES NOT guarantee service to your area.

Cycle Chauffeur Bike Transport Details

Total Price - $450*

  • From your home city all the way to Waterfront Park Pavilion, Seward, Alaska (TriTats T1 Area).
    • 1 bike with wheels and pedals attached.
    • 1 gear bag (if desired). 
  • From the Bird Creek Parking Lot, Girdwood, Alaska (TriTats T2 Area) back to your home city.
    • 1 bike with wheels and pedals attached.
    • 1 gear bag (if desired).

*Extra gear bags are $35 per bag.


Keep in mind this service is not offered at any other extreme triathlon on Earth. We are lucky to have access to it. Depending on what airline you take you will be charged anywhere from $150-$400 extra roundtrip and that doesn't account for the cost of buying or renting the bike bag. Most airline bike bags require you to remove your front end, wheels, seat post, and/or pedals. If you don't know how to dissemble and assemble them you will have to enlist the help of a bike shop on both ends of the trip, and pay them an additional $25-$50 per visit.

Additionally you have to transport your bike to T1 once you land as well as have your support pick it up and haul it with them back to the vehicle once you leave T2 on your run, then carry it around the rest of your trip.

Enlisting the help of Cycle Chauffeur means you drop it off locally, they pick it up, take it all the way to T1 (with a bag if you desire), and have it ready for you to pickup the day before the race. However, the biggest advantage they offer is that your support will not have to worry about the bike when you come into T2 for your run. Cycle Chauffeur will take your bike (and a bag if you desire) off your hands that way you and your support team don't have to worry about it the rest of the trip. That's worth it's weight in gold.

Cycle Chauffeur Bike Transport Interest Form

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