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2018 Alaskaman Lottery Draw

NOV 1 @ 12:00AM (US-CST) & ENDS NOV 14 @ 11:59PM (US-CST).

Entry into the 2018 Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon will be done via lottery draw. Free registration for the 2018 AKXTRI lottery will begin at 12:00am (USCST) on Wednesday, November 1 and end 2-weeks later at 11:59pm (US-CST) on November 14, 2018. This lottery has unlimited spots but is limited to the timeframe above.

We will have 300 spots to the race we will randomly award to lucky winners drawn from all lottery entries. The first 100 of those 300 spots will be allocated to a separate pool and awarded randomly to Alaska Residents, 2017 finishers, support, and volunteers. Assuming we have more than 100 people in that separate pool we will then take anyone that was not been selected to receive those spots and move them into the general pool for the remaining 200 spots, giving them a second chance at the draw. In the unlikely event that we have more spots left (of the 100) than we do entrants in that side pool, we will move the leftover spots into the pool of 200 increasing those odds. The remaining 200 (of 300) spots are open and available to anyone from anywhere.

Race entry is $500 USD. Basic payment information is required at time of lottery registration but you are not charged unless you are selected. If you are selected from the draw you will be notified via email sometime between Wednesday, November 15, 2018 and Wednesday, November 22, 2018. We will notify all lottery entrants either way to let them know whether or not they were selected. Please note that if you are selected your card will be automatically charged and that we have a strict no refund, deferral, or transfer policy, for any reason, without exception. Before registering be sure you read all about Alaskaman and are sure you want to participate, you have support (or will have support) and that you are truly up for the challenge.